Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What are commonly sold chemistry supplies by Lab Company?

Be it research lab in schools, clinics, science centers or medical centers, every lab require chemistry equipment for completing the laboratory procedure.
Few of the chemistry products found in research labs include-

Microscope- This is most common equipment used in every lab. It helps in viewing specimen or sample that is not visible by human eyes. On the slide of the microscope, specimen is kept, which is then viewed through the eyepieces of microscope. Different angle of eyepieces can be adjusted with focus buttons according to the requirement.

Beaker and graduated cylinders- For performing chemical reactions, mixing of chemicals is must. This requires an equipment called beaker and graduated cylinders. Beakers are short in length, while graduated cylinders are big in length. The purpose of both the cylinders is mixing of chemicals to perform chemical reactions.

Florence flasks- These are same as beakers but with a little difference in their length. The purpose of these flasks is that these are used for mixing and heating of chemicals.

Test tubes- For mixing of chemicals, test tubes are used. However, these serve same purpose, but these differ in structure. These have special holders at the upright corner that helps in holding the tubes firmly. Moreover, to stop the liquid from being spilled out a rubber stopper and a rack is used.

Beaker tongs- These are used for holding the beaker firmly while performing chemical reactions. These help provide strong grip when chemicals are mixed and heated in the beaker.

Cleaning gears- For cleaning lab products like beakers, tubes and more, special cleaning gears are required. This includes brushes, cleaning solutions and more.

From the afore-mentioned list of lab products, you must have got an idea about commonly used products in labs for laboratory procedures. In addition to these there are many other products as well that are used in lab for research work.
For purchasing these products, you need to find the right lab supply company, which indeed is a tough job. This is due to the fact of availability of numerous companies in market.

So, before making a final call, make sure you research well. Following are few things to take into consideration that include do not trust blindly, never completely rely on words of mouth, and always believe to your instincts.