Sunday, May 31, 2015

How Laboratories contribute in the growth of a Society?

We know the importance of laboratories. Merely, opening a laboratory does not solve the purpose. Providing an adequate infrastructure is an important aspect in the success of a laboratory. The state of the art infrastructure is the only way that can help in discovering newer aspects in the field of microbiology.
Meanwhile, maintaining laboratory is another important aspect. It needs to made sure that wear and tear of laboratory tools is repaired at the earliest possible. Maintenance of components need to be done on regular basis. This activity would not only help in sustaining laboratory for long but it would also help in discovery of various products. Manufacturers provide the maintenance services as well. In the agreement, while purchasing, there is special mentioning of maintenance services. There are number of services provided by manufacturers. Following is the list of services provided by them –

Variety of Products at One Place – A number of products are available with lab Supply Company. The buyers need not required to look here and there for various products of laboratories. The suppliers have various portfolios like various types of microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, loupes, spectrophotometers, digital cameras, calorimeters, thermometers, and laboratory products. Due to availability of all the products at one place, the buyers are not required to go anywhere else and they can make the purchase in one go only.
Repair and maintenance – The laboratory product manufacturers even provide repair and maintenance facilities. Manufacturers ensure best of the services from their end. Only a few companies provide this facility to customers. There is even availability of free service from the side of manufacturers. However, customers need to confirm this while making a purchase of components.
Delivery Services – It is a promise from laboratory component suppliers to deliver products within 48 hours of placing orders. The centralized warehouses organize logistics in such a manner that lab products are delivered in a time bound manner. The best solutions are applied to ensure delivery is done at the earliest possible. In case of any return, customers can contact suppliers with their RMA (Return Authorization Number) and this number would help in assistance for future course. The returns are accepted minus the shipping charges. However, in case of wrong delivery of product, these charges are waived off.

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