Monday, February 10, 2014

Tools and equipment used in science laboratories

There are several tools and equipment used in science and medical laboratories for conducting experiments and researches. The equipment are used for performing a variety of specific tasks such as heating, measuring and mixing. There are a number of tools available for performing a single function which means researchers can make use of different laboratory tools for mixing liquids, depending upon the type of experiment that they are conducting.

Laboratory equipment are categorized into various types, out of which, the most important ones are as follows:


It is one of the most common equipment available in science and medical laboratories. Made from glass and plastic, flasks are used for heating, mixing and measuring liquids. The flasks are also used for storing liquids of different types.

For example, Erlenmeyer flask has a different shape and is used for different purposes. However, this flask is considered as the best option for heating liquids quickly. In addition to this, these flasks have long necks, which also make them the best option for mixing ingredients without any wastage.

Apart from this, Florence flasks, also known as boiling flasks, are also found in laboratories and used for consistent heating of liquids.

Measuring equipment

Measuring tools are also a part of laboratories; pipettes are used for measuring small quantities of liquids. They are the best option for measuring liquids precisely and accurately. A pipette bulb is used for drawing liquids into pipettes.

Apart from this, liquids can also be measured and mixed with the help of beakers and cylinders.

Mixing tools and equipment

Laboratory tools also include mixing apparatuses, which are necessary for conducting experiments successfully. Stirrers and shakers are commonly used for mixing several ingredients together. The shakers have a base for placing beakers.

On the other hand, stirrers have magnets enclosed in plastic and are placed in the test tubes. The liquids get mixed on placing tubes in the base unit.

Heating apparatus

Bunsen burners are commonly used in laboratories for heating liquids. These are smokeless, making them the best option for heating solutions during scientific experiments. Researchers that use these burners can adjust the size of the flames as per their requirement.

Apart from these, there are various other tools such as test tubes, tube holders, safety glasses and microscopes which are used in laboratories. There are many laboratory equipment companies offering an extensive range of tools and apparatuses but look for a trustworthy service provider to get the best quality equipment.

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