Thursday, January 23, 2014

In Science, equipment is your best friend!

Researchers, scientists, and doctors are categorized among the most successful people anywhere in the world. They tackle specimens, and micro bodies, that most people do not even know the names of.

They spend years in pursuit of their dream, and yet even after realizing it, continue to learn and grow faster and more consistently than others.

For anyone in this profession, it is a dream to get a well-facilitated and perfectly functioning lab. Perhaps, the high quality lab equipment you select is the most crucial aspect in this regard. Every discipline of medical science is unique and in turn, a certain set of standard equipment is used for each discipline.

The following list comprises of the five most crucial equipment that directly affect the work flow of your lab:

Hemacytometer: If microbiology or biotechnology is your thing, that you’d need a hemacytometer to study blood cells. They are used for counting platelets. They are used to study liquid samples. Quality meters, mean accurate reading, so bear that in mind before you buy.

Caliper: A Caliper looks something like a compass. It has two ends that are fixed on two sides of an object, to measure the distance. Good quality ones, are easy to operate, and come with precise readings.

Incubator: A highly advanced device, used by microbiologists for performing researches that helps to observe the progress of cells or organisms in a carefully manipulated environment. Good incubators are stable, safe and help create exact temperature/condition. 

Microtome: While selecting fresh tissue, a microtome comes in handy during the preparation phase. Any scientist would understand the importance of good quality microtome.

Cell Counters: A cell counter or what is medically known as automated blood cell counters are used for counting blood cells. Essentially, their purpose is to determine the exact amount of RBC’s in a particular sample. Once again, accuracy is important, and good cell counters would always give a precise reading.

If any of these devices are of importance to you, do not make the mistake of letting the years you spent, learning how to use them go to waste by investing in generic versions.

Modern consumerism gives you all the advantage, and you can easily find a manufacturer that is reliable and affordable at the same time

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