Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Which Lab Equipment Are The Most Commonly Used?

In a medical lab, many kind of tests, researches, etc take place. Different types of tests are conducted on all kinds of samples, and subject matters of other kinds in an effort to come up findings, results or observations depending on the subject. Finding accurate information on the health status of the patient is another important activity performed in labs.

In order to provide the patients an accurate result of the diagnosis and treatment for various health conditions, physicians use different types of medical equipment.

Medical laboratory equipment help doctors to analyze the current health condition of the patient, which in turn enables them to decide the appropriate mode of treatment and remedies for that particular situation.

To cater to the increasing need of lab equipment in the health-care industry, many companies focus on providing superior quality tried and tested laboratory products.

6 of the most commonly used medical lab apparatuses are discussed below:
  • Centrifuges: Medical centrifuges are available in different sizes which makes them suitable and useful for various applications. They can be found at a doctor's office, a hospital environment, or laboratory. They are designed to individualize blood components. The working principle of these machines is centripetal acceleration. They work based on high rotation speed, and that helps in separating denser substances from lighter substances.
  • Cell Density Meters: As the name suggests, these medical apparatuses measures the density of a given substance.
  • Incubators: They are contemporary lab apparatus. Incubator are used in medical laboratories to maintain the growth of microbiological cultures by controlling the actual factors that play an important role in their growth. These include factors such as temperature, humidity and ventilation.
  • Cleanroom Oven: in the medical industry, cleanroom ovens are used for polymerizing the contact lenses, coating curing on pacemakers, galvanizing the plastics on syringes and catheters, curing the coating on eye glass lenses, and stents etc.
  • Tube Rocker: One of the most widely utilized equipment in medical labs, the tube rocker is used to gently mix the blood samples without rupturing delicate cell suspensions.

Apart from these, other common equipment include:
  • Hybridization Oven
  • Turbo Mixer
  • Rotators
  • Water Baths
  • Microscope Stage Warmer
  • Hot Plates
  • Calipers
  • Laboratory Cell Counters
  • Manual Cell Counters
  • Hemacytometer
  • Hand Held Microtome

If you are planning to buy new lab equipment, focus on quality so you can provide correct information to patients, and suggest the right mode of treatment.

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