Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What are commonly sold chemistry supplies by Lab Company?

Be it research lab in schools, clinics, science centers or medical centers, every lab require chemistry equipment for completing the laboratory procedure.
Few of the chemistry products found in research labs include-

Microscope- This is most common equipment used in every lab. It helps in viewing specimen or sample that is not visible by human eyes. On the slide of the microscope, specimen is kept, which is then viewed through the eyepieces of microscope. Different angle of eyepieces can be adjusted with focus buttons according to the requirement.

Beaker and graduated cylinders- For performing chemical reactions, mixing of chemicals is must. This requires an equipment called beaker and graduated cylinders. Beakers are short in length, while graduated cylinders are big in length. The purpose of both the cylinders is mixing of chemicals to perform chemical reactions.

Florence flasks- These are same as beakers but with a little difference in their length. The purpose of these flasks is that these are used for mixing and heating of chemicals.

Test tubes- For mixing of chemicals, test tubes are used. However, these serve same purpose, but these differ in structure. These have special holders at the upright corner that helps in holding the tubes firmly. Moreover, to stop the liquid from being spilled out a rubber stopper and a rack is used.

Beaker tongs- These are used for holding the beaker firmly while performing chemical reactions. These help provide strong grip when chemicals are mixed and heated in the beaker.

Cleaning gears- For cleaning lab products like beakers, tubes and more, special cleaning gears are required. This includes brushes, cleaning solutions and more.

From the afore-mentioned list of lab products, you must have got an idea about commonly used products in labs for laboratory procedures. In addition to these there are many other products as well that are used in lab for research work.
For purchasing these products, you need to find the right lab supply company, which indeed is a tough job. This is due to the fact of availability of numerous companies in market.

So, before making a final call, make sure you research well. Following are few things to take into consideration that include do not trust blindly, never completely rely on words of mouth, and always believe to your instincts.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

How Laboratories contribute in the growth of a Society?

We know the importance of laboratories. Merely, opening a laboratory does not solve the purpose. Providing an adequate infrastructure is an important aspect in the success of a laboratory. The state of the art infrastructure is the only way that can help in discovering newer aspects in the field of microbiology.
Meanwhile, maintaining laboratory is another important aspect. It needs to made sure that wear and tear of laboratory tools is repaired at the earliest possible. Maintenance of components need to be done on regular basis. This activity would not only help in sustaining laboratory for long but it would also help in discovery of various products. Manufacturers provide the maintenance services as well. In the agreement, while purchasing, there is special mentioning of maintenance services. There are number of services provided by manufacturers. Following is the list of services provided by them –

Variety of Products at One Place – A number of products are available with lab Supply Company. The buyers need not required to look here and there for various products of laboratories. The suppliers have various portfolios like various types of microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, loupes, spectrophotometers, digital cameras, calorimeters, thermometers, and laboratory products. Due to availability of all the products at one place, the buyers are not required to go anywhere else and they can make the purchase in one go only.
Repair and maintenance – The laboratory product manufacturers even provide repair and maintenance facilities. Manufacturers ensure best of the services from their end. Only a few companies provide this facility to customers. There is even availability of free service from the side of manufacturers. However, customers need to confirm this while making a purchase of components.
Delivery Services – It is a promise from laboratory component suppliers to deliver products within 48 hours of placing orders. The centralized warehouses organize logistics in such a manner that lab products are delivered in a time bound manner. The best solutions are applied to ensure delivery is done at the earliest possible. In case of any return, customers can contact suppliers with their RMA (Return Authorization Number) and this number would help in assistance for future course. The returns are accepted minus the shipping charges. However, in case of wrong delivery of product, these charges are waived off.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

How Manufacturers of Laboratory Products have improvised their Quality?

The kind of support laboratories are able to provide is remarkable. The deadly virus of Ebola, which has been a major threat to the people of West Africa, can be cured. The Scientists in their respective laboratories have been able to provide impeccable support to the field of medicine.
The scientists are known for providing best of the solutions to various fields like medicine, automobile, engineering, robotics and other related fields. The researchers have done an exceptional job this time as well, in finding an antibiotic for Ebola as well.
The activities are taking place on daily basis. A new product is being developed on regular basis with the help of laboratory components. The components are masterpieces developed by the manufacturers. There is 100% surety of quality material produced by the manufacturers. The various aspects are taken into consideration before manufacturing of the products. All the stakeholders involved make sure that best possible solution is implemented in the process of manufacturing.
Some of the features, which manufacturers keep in mind, while manufacturing are as follows –
High Quality Material – The basic and foremost step is to make use of high quality material. The raw material being used is tested and verified many a times. The testing procedure is done several times. The reason for testing several times is to ensure that the product fulfills all the standards and guidelines.
Packaging – The packaging is the crucial issue in the laboratory products. The products like autoclave sterilizer need proper packaging before shipping it to the laboratories. The packaging is done in such a manner that the product is not able to take any sort of scratch while transporting and there is no kind of cluttering in the package.
Technical Support – The producers of the laboratory components provide the technical support to the clientele. The clientele can ask for the service of the products at a suitable time of their choice. The technical support is always available for the assistance of the clients.
Warranty – The warranty is another crucial point, which laboratory owners and tools components manufacturers keep in mind. The warranty is such, which helps in making sure that, in case there is some kind of repair required, and then warranty can be asked for. The manufacturers employ six sigma and TQM techniques, which help in ensuring that there is no compromise on the quality.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

How Laboratory Tools have made our Lives Easier?

The fields of microscope biology have helped in transforming our lives in big way. The microscopes have made sure that they extend their services in every way possible. The vast field of microscopy has helped us all in big way.
The newer version of medicines are discovered, which ensures that we are able to live for long. Apart from medicines, the microscopes and related products have shaped our lives in the most suitable manner. Our lives have becomes much easier and comfortable. The kind of level of comfort, we are able to receive with the help of laboratory products is immense.
The benefits of the laboratory products are amongst in large numbers. The selfless help, we are able to draw from the manufacturers is remarkable. The founders of the laboratories have ensured that the future generations are able to draw benefits in the most convincing manner.
Following is the list of the description, which manufacturers keep in mind while manufacturing products for the clients –
  1. Guidelines – The adherence to the guidelines is the motive of the manufacturers of the laboratory glassware. The laboratory equipment manufacturer makes sure that the guidelines provided by the Scientists are fulfilled without any delay or compromise. The manufacturers make sure that the progress is discussed with the Scientists on the regular basis.
  2. Timely Delivery – The timely delivery of the products enable the continuation of the profits to the laboratories. To make sure that everything is in place, the manufacturer of laboratory components make sure that the mechanism is followed. The mechanism ensures that the timely delivery of the products take place. The time management is one of the key characteristics of the manufacturers.
  3. Best Quality – The best quality raw materials are used in the process of producing tools. The raw materials are fetched from far off places, which ensure that the manufacturing process is remarkable. The manufacturing units are even offered Stars on the deliverance of their products. The quality mechanism is followed, which ensures that the high quality material is delivered without any hassles. The inclusion of techniques like 6 sigma and TQM ensure best of the quality is delivered to the customers. The customers are also involved in the process of manufacturing. The role of Researchers is to ensure that the quality is as per their own regulations.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Tools and equipment used in science laboratories

There are several tools and equipment used in science and medical laboratories for conducting experiments and researches. The equipment are used for performing a variety of specific tasks such as heating, measuring and mixing. There are a number of tools available for performing a single function which means researchers can make use of different laboratory tools for mixing liquids, depending upon the type of experiment that they are conducting.

Laboratory equipment are categorized into various types, out of which, the most important ones are as follows:


It is one of the most common equipment available in science and medical laboratories. Made from glass and plastic, flasks are used for heating, mixing and measuring liquids. The flasks are also used for storing liquids of different types.

For example, Erlenmeyer flask has a different shape and is used for different purposes. However, this flask is considered as the best option for heating liquids quickly. In addition to this, these flasks have long necks, which also make them the best option for mixing ingredients without any wastage.

Apart from this, Florence flasks, also known as boiling flasks, are also found in laboratories and used for consistent heating of liquids.

Measuring equipment

Measuring tools are also a part of laboratories; pipettes are used for measuring small quantities of liquids. They are the best option for measuring liquids precisely and accurately. A pipette bulb is used for drawing liquids into pipettes.

Apart from this, liquids can also be measured and mixed with the help of beakers and cylinders.

Mixing tools and equipment

Laboratory tools also include mixing apparatuses, which are necessary for conducting experiments successfully. Stirrers and shakers are commonly used for mixing several ingredients together. The shakers have a base for placing beakers.

On the other hand, stirrers have magnets enclosed in plastic and are placed in the test tubes. The liquids get mixed on placing tubes in the base unit.

Heating apparatus

Bunsen burners are commonly used in laboratories for heating liquids. These are smokeless, making them the best option for heating solutions during scientific experiments. Researchers that use these burners can adjust the size of the flames as per their requirement.

Apart from these, there are various other tools such as test tubes, tube holders, safety glasses and microscopes which are used in laboratories. There are many laboratory equipment companies offering an extensive range of tools and apparatuses but look for a trustworthy service provider to get the best quality equipment.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

In Science, equipment is your best friend!

Researchers, scientists, and doctors are categorized among the most successful people anywhere in the world. They tackle specimens, and micro bodies, that most people do not even know the names of.

They spend years in pursuit of their dream, and yet even after realizing it, continue to learn and grow faster and more consistently than others.

For anyone in this profession, it is a dream to get a well-facilitated and perfectly functioning lab. Perhaps, the high quality lab equipment you select is the most crucial aspect in this regard. Every discipline of medical science is unique and in turn, a certain set of standard equipment is used for each discipline.

The following list comprises of the five most crucial equipment that directly affect the work flow of your lab:

Hemacytometer: If microbiology or biotechnology is your thing, that you’d need a hemacytometer to study blood cells. They are used for counting platelets. They are used to study liquid samples. Quality meters, mean accurate reading, so bear that in mind before you buy.

Caliper: A Caliper looks something like a compass. It has two ends that are fixed on two sides of an object, to measure the distance. Good quality ones, are easy to operate, and come with precise readings.

Incubator: A highly advanced device, used by microbiologists for performing researches that helps to observe the progress of cells or organisms in a carefully manipulated environment. Good incubators are stable, safe and help create exact temperature/condition. 

Microtome: While selecting fresh tissue, a microtome comes in handy during the preparation phase. Any scientist would understand the importance of good quality microtome.

Cell Counters: A cell counter or what is medically known as automated blood cell counters are used for counting blood cells. Essentially, their purpose is to determine the exact amount of RBC’s in a particular sample. Once again, accuracy is important, and good cell counters would always give a precise reading.

If any of these devices are of importance to you, do not make the mistake of letting the years you spent, learning how to use them go to waste by investing in generic versions.

Modern consumerism gives you all the advantage, and you can easily find a manufacturer that is reliable and affordable at the same time

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why do you need disposable laboratory products?

With increasing population and steadily decreasing living standards, infections are more likely to spread. When it comes to health care facilities, it’s important to take the necessary safety precautions in order to protect both the staff as well as the patients from infectious diseases.

That is why every health care setting relies greatly on disposable laboratory products as preventive measures against infections. At hospitals, people come with a variety of health problems and diseases for right medical treatment.  Ironically, health care facilities are the first places where communicable diseases can easily spread. Therefore, the use of disposable medical supplies is vital to provide patients with safe environment.

Example of such kind of safety measures used by doctors includes different disposable syringes for patients that are disposed of, after use.

Different types of laboratory products used in health care facilities include examination gloves, microscope slides, plastic products, wooden products, blades & lancets, masks, syringes etc.

In other words, any lab product used for a patient should be discarded to make sure that infection from one patient would not spread to another. Let’s take a look at the disposable lab products used most often.

Examination Gloves: Medical examination gloves are used by health care professionals, to prevent patients from coming in contact with infectious particles. Different types of examination gloves available in the market include, latex gloves, vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves, nitrile flock lined gloves etc. These gloves come in attractive designs and with heat and moisture resistant features.

Microscope slides: are thin pieces of glass used to place specimens over it. Microscope slides come in various types including plain slides, single concave slides, double concave slides, Frosted glass slides, glass cover slips etc.

Blades & lancets:
Blades and lancets are the medical apparatuses that are widely used in medical procedures to make incisions. Various types of blades and lancets used in labs include blood lancets, scalpel, stainless steel handles etc.

Wooden products: Various types of wooden products such as tongue depressors, plain applicator sticks, cotton tipped applicator sticks are used to test tongue, an apply gel or liquid medicines on sensitive areas.

Apart from this, plastic transfer pipets, plastic measuring cylinders, dropper bottles, biopsy and embedding cassettes etc., are widely used in medical labs.

Disposable laboratory products play a vital role in routine based activities performed at laboratories and health care settings.